About Alegria

About Alegria Dance
About Alegria Dance and fitness
About Alegria


  • Passionate Dance Instructors with college degrees in the field, extensive teaching resumes and/or Professional Performance Experience
  • Studio Equipped With Professional Flooring, Anti-Microbial Ballet Barres, Sound and Lights
  • Spacious Lobby with free Wi-Fi and closed circuit classroom video monitoring (coming soon)
  • Multiple Class and Family Friendly Discounts
  • Community Involvement, Volunteerism and Fundraisers for Special Causes
  • Open Level Dance(recreational) and Pre-Professional (competitive teams)
  • Group Fitness Classes
  • Wellness Programs
  • Unique Performance Opportunities
  • Master Classes and Guest Choreographers



Alegria Dance philosophy

We believe that at the core of learning proper dance technique, discipline is required. With discipline come the excitement and fun associated with dance. When a dancer achieves that split, triple turn or section of a dance that has been troubling them, that's when it is fun. We seek to empower our students through positive feedback as well as providing honest evaluations and encouraging each student on an individual level. We see potential in each student and expect that they will always put their best effort forward to be the best dancers they can possibly be. Students in the school are expected to respect the class environment, those who are in it, have an open mind to the art form and the freedom to express themselves when performing. Our classes are structured but we always encourage questions and exploring creative ideas provided by the students. We strive to provide a loving, risk taking environment where students are nurtured as they are pushed to improve.   


The Mission of Alegria Dance and Fitness Center is to provide Ludlow and surrounding communities with diverse exposure to world class and professional training, education and cultural experiences. Through dance, drama, singing and overall physical wellness, Alegria Dance and Fitness strives to reach out to all people. We intend to provide a safe environment where we can share in the creative process and perform inspiring productions, provide innovative arts education programs, while building self confidence and exploring creative freedom within the school and throughout the community.