Dance Styles/Classes Offered

Style Descriptions


This is a skills class exploring controlled moves such as walkovers, limbers, handstands, chest rolls, etc. May contain gymnastic passes, flexibility moves, and/or contortionist moves. we follow the Acrobatic Arts Curriculum

 (ballet is required)

Baby Beast

This is a cross training/stretch and conditioning class for kids. The focus will be on cardio endurance, muscle development for the core, upper and lower body as well as increasing flexibility. We will explore modalities that may include yoga poses, Pilates basics, circuit training, Zumba®, resistance bands etc. (There is not a performance portion of this class.)


Ballet is the foundation of all movement and is the most important class a student can take. Ballet will enhance and improve a student’s progress in other dance styles.  Ballet challenges students’ minds, with learning and memorizing patterns and sequences, and challenges students’ bodies by building correct body posture, fluidity of movement and body awareness.  It provides a student with balance, poise and strength.


Ballet performed using hard-toed and stiff-shanked shoes. It is offered to those students who have mastered the knowledge and technique of ballet and have the required strength to dance en pointe. Instructor approval needed.


This class will explore methods and tools to help a dancer explore the art of choreography. Space, weight, energy and effort will be discussed and practiced along with skills in staging, lighting and design.
(offered as workshops)

Creative Movement

We focus on creative movement which builds on the necessary gross motor skills needed for primary dance instruction. We use fun, upbeat music to learn basic skills like hopping, skipping, jumping, galloping, and balance coordination. Students will engage in dramatic music movement and learn introductory ballet steps.

Hip Hop

Learn the latest moves as seen in current music videos. Hip Hop originated in the streets of New York and has now become a mainstream dance form. Students will learn the fundamentals of Hip Hop dance which include poppin, locking, tutting and breakin while exploring movements that express the rhythm of the music.


Traditional styles including Fosse, Broadway, Matt Mattox and Luigi as well street style jazz are explored in this class. Classes begin with an intense warm-up isolations, strengthening exercises, and stretches. The class progresses with across the floor skills and combination phrases that incorporate expression, leaps, turns, personality, and style.

(ballet is required)


Our Modern class is based upon the Horton style. Lester Horton was a modern dance pioneer. The Horton technique is an organic approach to movement. It increases strength and range of motion beyond the constraints of classical ballet. It is anatomically corrective, therefore beneficial to all dancers. Other modern techniques will be explored, including Limon, Graham and Dunham. (ballet is required)

Musical Theater

A fun class of creating a musical production through dancing, singing, and acting. This class allows performers not only to learn and memorize lines but how to express themselves vocally and physically. It incorporates personal expression and style while portraying characterization within a theatrical presentation. (ballet  is required)


Tap is a musical and rhythmic study of sounds and movement together. Our classes offer both rhythm tap and Broadway Tap.

Tumblin' Tots

this class is for 3-4 year olds where we will explore gross motor movements, forward rolls, stretching, exercises for balance and coordination. 


This class will offer strength, conditioning and will have progressions across the floor.  This class will work technical skills including leap combinations and turn sequences.  Some tricks will include reverse leaps, grand jete, second leaps, switch leaps, fouette turns, pirouettes, etc. All dancers, beginner to advanced, benefit from this class.

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